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Formerly known as the Freight Pipeline Company and its
subsidiary the Greenest Brick Company, EcologicTech is
dedicated to finding green tech solutions to low tech problems.
We are currently focused on maximizing the potential of our
award-winning Fly Ash Brick, as well as applying our expertise to
new products in the biomass fuel and building materials markets.


EcologicTech is an Intellectual Property (IP) licensing firm.  That means that we bring ideas to prototype stage and find others to bring those products to market.  This allows us to concentrate on what we do best --- research and innovate within our areas of expertise.


The Fly Ash Brick:

The Fly Ash Brick is the first of its kind to use 100% fly ash without any sort of heat-firing.  As such it is significantly cheaper to produce than its clay counterparts, due to a cheaper base material that needs no additional processing before use, as well as the absence of high-temperature kilns.  Fly ash bricks perform up to the ASTM standards governing bricks and leave no carbon footprint.  For those reason, this product has won numerous awards, including placement in Time Magazine’s Top 10 best inventions of 2007 (Environment category).  Interested parties should see the Contact section to inquire about licenses.

Biomass Tabletizer:


We are currently working on a DOE funded Phase I project to develop a biomass fuel tabletizer.  This machine is expected to be in high demand for use by commercial logging sites, rural farms, and possibly ethanol producers.  Our expectations are that our device will cost less than conventional pellet machines, use less energy, and work without a binding agent.  We project that this product will be ready for licensing within the next two years.

Lightweight Density Building Materials:


We currently have an NSF funded Phase 1 grant to research ways to reduce the density of our end product, which would allow us to use it for other building materials. Roofing tiles would be our first application; however, drywall would be another area that would be a natural extension of this research. As with our fly ash bricks, we expect these products will be cheaper to manufacture than the competition with the added benefits of reducing fly ash disposal and carbon emissions.


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